• Centro de Fisioterapia en Dolor Orofacial y ATM
    Clínic of Physical Therapy in Orofacial Pain and TMJ
    Center Specialized in the Treatment of Orofacial Pain and Cervical Mandibular Skull Dysfunction. Located in 93, Santa Engracia Street. MADRID
  • Fisioterapia en dolor orofacial en Madrid
    Treatment of the Cervical Mandibular Skull Sphere
    Pathologies such as: Orofacial Pain, Headache, Temporomandibular Joint Problems (TMJ).
  • paralisis facial
    Young and dynamic work team
    Capable of facing the treatment of their pathologies.


  • Specialized treatments in Orofacial Pain and Cervical Mandibular Skull Dysfunction. The Orofacial sphere is object of study and treatment in this center.
  • Services

  • We performed an Individualized Assessment of each case to be able to offer a treatment according to the pathology presented by each patient.
  • Profesionals

  • Professionals specifically trained in the Treatment of Mandibular Cervical Skull Dysfunction and Orofacial Pain.
  • Opening times

    • Monday - Friday 9:00 - 21:00
    • Saturdays & Sundays Cerrado
    • Phone: 91 755 39 35 / 630 637 510


    Dysfunction of the Temporomandibular Joint (Muscles Pain, Joints,...)
    Pain and Dysfunction of the Cervical Spine
    Pre and Post Operative Rehabilitation in Maxillofacial Surgery
    Headache and Migraines
    Trigeminal neuralgia.

    TMJ treatments

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    Today, Physical Therapy is the Treatment of Choice in Cervical Mandibular Skull Pain, for the efficiency shown, as well as for constituting a Conservative and Reversible Treatment. The Pain in the upper third of the body, is one of the most disabling and that more health expenditure supposes.
    All the techniques used are intended to alleviate the Pain of the Patient and try to restore the Normal Function to eliminate that Dysfunction that is often generating Pain.

    Innovative Treatments

    The Treatments carried out are currently, those that greater scientific Evidence supposes in the Treatment of the Pathologies of Head and Neck.

    Best Solutions, through proper diagnosis

    By means of the initial Diagnosis that we carried out in the first consultation, we obtain the necessary data to adapt the Treatment to the needs of each particular person according to their ailments.

    Different methods of treatment

    We have different Treatment Techniques that can be applied in each specific Pathology, after carrying out the Evaluation you will be informed of the most recommended Treatment.

    treatment of the cervical spine

    Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional.

    - Sidhartha Gautama Buda -

    LogoPhysiotherapy Treatments

    We combine different types of TMJ Treatments , supported by different scientific studies on the Cervical Mandibular Skull, Orofacial Pain and TMJ
    We use different measurement techniques for the Diagnosis of Pathologies in the Cervical Mandibular Skull and Orofacial Pain area.

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    Manual Therapy

    The Manual Therapy supposes an effective Treatment in the Cranio-Cervical and Temporomandibular Pathologies

    • Objetives
    • Tissue repair
    • Improvement of Function
    • Tissue Handling / Mobilization
    • Joint Movility


    Electrotherapy is a complement in the treatment of pain

    • The use of electrotherapy for central modulation
    • Combination with dry puncture is effective
    • Effective regulation of central and peripheral sensitization

    Dry Needling

    Dry Needling is the Choice Treatment for Trigger Points

    • Grade A of Scientific Evidence in the Treatment of Pain
    • Decreased neural signals
    • Brain Modulation of Pain
    • Remove the trigger point of muscle

    LogoTMJ Treatments

    We combine different types of TMJ treatments, supported by different scientific studies.
    The objective of our therapies in the Cranio-Cervical pathologies, Orofacial Pain and TMJ Dysfuntion (Temporo Mandibular Joint).

    Here you can find expanded Information about Our Treatments, which we can do for your Pathology and for which different types of treatments are used. Sorry, but for the moment the following information is only in Spanish.

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    We are a Dynamic and Innovative Team interested in Pain and its Treatments
    We dedicate our Professional Activity to Orofacial Pain and its Multidisciplinary Treatment.

    Take a look at your resume
    • alvaro parra fisioterapeuta ATM

      Álvaro Parra

      / Physiotherapist

      Doctor of Physical Therapy, Master in Orofacial Pain and Craniomandibular Dysfunction, Member of SEDCYDO. Director of Physiotherapy Clinic in Orofacial Pain and ATM

    • Nuria merino fisioterapeuta ATM

      Nuria Merino

      / Physiotherapist

      Physical Therapist, in Orofacial Pain and Craniomandibular Dysfunction.

    • marta medina odontóloga

      Marta Medina

      / Odontologist

      Graduated in Dentistry, Master in Orofacial Pain and Craniomandibular Dysfunction. Specialist in Dental Aesthetics and Orthodontics, Member of SEDCYDO. Director of Carel Dental

    • Paloma de Castro psicologa

      Paloma de Castro

      / Psychologist

      Degree in Psychology, Specialist in Clinical Psychology, Psychodiagnosis and Intervention.




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    • GlobalPhysioGlobalPhysio
    • Centro de Formación OrofacialFormación Orofacial

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    Here you will find information regarding Orofacial Pain, the most Frequent Pathologies and Scientifically Proven Treatment Options.
                     We also generate Opinions based on scientifically proven information on treatments.

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    Our Center is located in Madrid , in Calle Santa Engracia, 93 1ºD
                         It is necessary to arrange Previous appointment to be able to go to our center.
                         For this we put at your disposal several forms of contact:

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    • Álvaro Parra Fisioterapeuta dolor orofacial

      Álvaro Parra

      PT; Specialist in Orofacial Pain.

      The Treatment of Orofacial Pain, whatever it may be, must be Diagnosed, Explained and Treated
                                           appropriately by Professionals Familiar with this type of Pathologies, failure in Treatment is always due to a Diagnosis or Treatment error.

    • Marta Medina Odontóloga

      Marta Medina

      Odontologist; Orofacial pain specialist.

      Prevention is the best treatment we can offer, in the dental area conservative treatments are the first choice.
                                           The Diagnosis is fundamental in obtaining the best treatment to solve your pathology.

    • Paloma de Castro Psicóloga

      Paloma de Castro

      Psicologist; Orofacial pain specialist

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